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ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage
ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage
ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage
ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage
ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage

ARTEFLAME Black Label - Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage

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    Why Buy From Outdoor Ideology

    • At OUTDOOR IDEOLOGY we believe everything outdoors is better, and in nothing is this more apparent than our love of cooking (and eating!!) outside. And while we agree, you can’t beat the ease and speed of cooking your food on a gas grill, there’s also something to be said for cooking your proteins and veggies over the glowing live coals from a hand-built fire.

      Our Arteflame Grills were created with exactly this mindset, and this Black Label Classic 40” grill with tall round base with storage and cooktop elevates your outdoor cooking experience even further—literally! Plus, it has plenty of room in the back of the base to store firewood, charcoal, grill utensils, or anything else you’d like close at hand while grilling.

      The cooktop on this grill stands 38 inches high, and is (as the name suggests) 40 inches in diameter—which not only provides the perfect cooking height, but also creates an ideal setting for everyone to gather around to watch the chef at work (or better yet, have everyone take charge of grilling something!)

      Build a wood or charcoal fire in the center, and cook toward the center for higher temperatures and toward the edge for lower temperatures; or, move the coals around the bowl to create different heating zones—you can cook everything at once! And the large cooking surface ensures there’s enough for everyone to go around!

      Easy clean-up—just push food scraps into the fire! Grills are made to stand outside year-round, and have drainage holes to prevent standing water.


      Center Grill Grates fit flush into all Arteflame grill cooktops; they add extra grill space and are excellent for searing steaks with perfect grill marks.

      Barbecue Grill Rotisserie with Cordless Motor fits perfectly in the center of Arteflame grills, and can be used for perfectly roasted chicken, turkey, kabobs, or hanging foods from the top rack, including dutch ovens or sausages and other meats.

      Pizza Oven with Pizza Grate makes for fun and easy pizza baking with the whole crowd when you’re ready for something different.

      Grill Side Warming Tables mount underneath the cooktop and are perfect for keeping food warm or holding light items such as spatula’s or tongs; fit up to 4 to completely surround your grill’s circumference.

      Cherry Wood Cutting Board fits on the optional Side Warming Table and showcases your skills cutting mouthwatering slices right beside the grill.

      See our Grill Accessories page for all accessories.

      The Arteflame line of grills are contemporary, organic pieces of art that also happen to function extremely well as fire bowls and grills. Made and designed in the USA.

      The Arteflame Black Label is a unique line of grills for those who desire a more contemporary, elevated style. The Black Label is made from the same high quality materials and craftsmanship you will find in our regular line. However, instead of the regular patina that develops on the original models, they are coated with a high temperature paint that gives the Black Label its distinguished Matte Black Finish.

      Due to the extra time and nature of this process, these grills will require more care and attention than our regular grills. Exposure to extreme temperatures changes or rough handling can cause chipping or cracking which may require periodic touchups. We know you will enjoy your new Limited Edition Black Label Grill for years to come!


      • Cooktop lift and remove tool

      • Seasoning Puck ($10.00 value) for seasoning cooktop


      • Designed and Made in the USA using US steel

      • DIMENSIONS: 40" Wide x 38" High, 355lbs.  (102cm x 97cm, 152Kg)

      • Cooktop "lift and remove" tool included

      • Includes seasoning puck for seasoning of cooktop

      • NOTE: optional sizzle grill is sold separately

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    • Black Label Arteflame Classic 40" Grill - Tall Base with Storage Brochure

    • Seasoning Instructions Brochure