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Why Food Always Tastes Better When It's Cooked & Eaten Outside

My favorite part of summers when I was young was when my mom would announce we were eating dinner outside. Maybe it's because outside things were less formal, and it was just fun to do something out of the ordinary, but I realized then and have confirmed it many times over the years: food tastes better when you eat outside!

Growing up in the Netherlands, my mom had a small garden in our backyard, and one of the first memories I have of eating outside is having some of my mom's homegrown corn on the cob. I have yet to find another corn cob that has tasted as good as the cob from that day, and though I imagine it having been home-grown had something to do with that, I'm pretty sure the fact it was eaten outside on a late summer day, with my bare feet dangling off the lawn chair and just barely grazing over the cool grass made a difference too.

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