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Outdoor Living in the Age of Covid

We don't need to tell you how a global pandemic has changed the world forever. Living our lives as we have, well, all of our lives, has suddenly put us all at risk for catching a virus that can affect us all differently; needless to say, we've had to find different ways to do everything, including how to spend time with our friends and loved ones safely. Summer temperatures made getting together outside easy, but with fall and winter temperatures right around the corner, we've made a list of the 10 things you'll need for creating an outdoor living space that will help you stay social and comfortable.

Let's dive right in and start with the main attraction: a fire pit! Though many people use fire pits throughout all seasons, using fire pits in fall and winter provides the extra benefit of HEAT! Sure, roasting marshmallows over a summer campfire is fun, but it's extra fun when you're also staying warm from the fall chill while doing it!

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