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  • Why Food Always Tastes Better When It's Cooked & Eaten Outside

    Growing up in the Netherlands, my mom had a small garden in our backyard, and one of the first memories I have of eating outside is having some of my mom's homegrown corn on the cob. I have yet to find another corn cob that has tasted as good as the cob from that day, and though I imagine it having been home-grown had something to do with that, I'm pretty sure the fact it was eaten outside on a late summer day, with my bare feet dangling off the lawn chair and just barely grazing over the cool grass made a difference too.
  • What to Look for When Buying a Pizza Oven

    So you want to cook outside, but you're tired of the same old barbecued fare? Well, how about making pizza in an outdoor pizza oven? It wasn't that long ago when making outdoor pizza involved inviting yourself over to that rare friend's place, you know, the one who has a 2000 lb. brick monstrosity taking up a big chunk of his outdoor space. But the new minimalistic pizza ovens introduced to the market in the past few years have made making pizza right outside your back door a breeze—and some are even portable, so you can take them anywhere! We take a look at some of the latest pizza ovens and let you know what to look for in an outdoor oven to satisfy all your pizza making dreams.
  • Outdoor Living in the Age of Covid

    We don't need to tell you how a global pandemic has changed the world forever. Living our lives as we have, well, all of our lives, has suddenly put us all at risk for catching a virus that can affect us all differently; needless to say, we've had to find different ways to do everything, including how to spend time with our friends and loved ones safely. Summer temperatures made getting together outside easy, but with fall and winter temperatures right around the corner, we've made a list of the 10 things you'll need for creating an outdoor living space that will help you stay social and comfortable.